Photography has always fascinated me, as a child I was aware of the fact that light is constantly moving, it’s never stationary and it never, ever repeats itself just the same. I was struck by how the pictures that I was taking on a second hand 120 camera, kindly donated by a generous aunt could, and would never be replicated – not just because nobody would want to, but because they couldn’t if they tried to. The light would never be the same, the film would differ, the slight, idiosyncracies of the shutter and the trigger finger would see to it that my, and everybody elses images were absolute one off’s, totally and utterly unique.

Photography, the art of striking a balance between time and light – add low light, or night-time into the mix and you’re adding caffeine abuse into the equation as well. It’s something I am sure that I will never quite define, I’ll never get my finger on it, but still; I’ll be the one roaming with an SLR over my shoulder and a point and shoot tucked into my inside pocket. You never know where these pictures are going to be, you can never know for sure…but one thing that is for sure is that they are out there, they are everywhere around us…you just need to go and look for them.


The Guardian – Green Shoots supplement
Welsh Nature: Wildlife Photograph of the Year 2009 (Exhibitor)
BBC News Site and Weather Photographs
Ceredigion Council – Re-cycling Campaign
Schmap: Online guide to London
The Wedding Present Calendar 2004-2011
Decoration: Escape Routine CD Band Photo, Don’t Disappoint Us Now Liner Photographs

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